We believe that success in business is all about getting the balance between risk and reward right. Part of the challenge is to “think outside of the box” and imagine the unexpected, and then to prepare for it. If “Black Swan” events are defined as unforeseeable and catastrophic negative incidents which you cannot prepare for, then a “Grey Swan“ event is something potentially foreseeable and equally significant, that you would prepare for if you had the foresight to think about it. By contemplating the grey swans you can prepare for the black.

The Grey Swan mission is to work with our clients to create the perfect blend of risk and reward required to ensure a sustainable and profitable future.

We do this by delivering a focused perspective to clients that is based on the over 25 years of insurance industry, legal, and claims experience that our founder brings to the table. This is combined with a fast, flexible and results-orientated approach that connects risk management with business strategy and maximizes ongoing profitability as a result.

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