We provide customized, fast, flexible, results-oriented services for our clients.

We work with insurance companies to help them create and operate consistently profitable, innovative and highly competitive products and services.

We work directly with policy holders to ensure their coverage versus expectation scenario is perfectly aligned and is always totally connected to their underlying business strategy.

We work with brokers, lawyers, and other expert advisers, assisting with their insurance related needs, allowing them the benefit of client retention, while allowing their clients to benefit from our independent, unique claims and specialty insurance business expertise.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Specialty Insurance Expertise

  • Expertise in “Specialty” lines of insurance including Directors & Officers Liability, Fiduciary Liability, Errors & Omissions, Cyber, and Employment Practices Liability spanning the scope of litigation & claim management, product design & development, and market knowledge
  • Unparalleled expertise and experience in providing insurance advice in newly emerging blockchain cryptocurrency industry


Insurance Companies

  • Advice to new insurance company entrants to the Canadian marketplace – scope, opportunities, products, marketing, claims operations and management
  • Development of communication process between claims, underwriting,and actuarial divisions
  • Effective and efficient policy and endorsement creation, broker education and underwriter training on new products
  • Process and service workflow analysis and efficiency improvement
  • Product development, business opportunity recognition & marketing advice for insurance companies allowing them to realize sustainable, profitable growth

Claim Auditing

  • Auditing of claim files including reserve adequacy
  • Review of program portfolios to identify emerging risk and claim trends
  • Auditing Cover holders/MGAs for Lloyd’s Syndicates and Insurers
  • Auditing Cedents for Reinsurance Companies

Claims Management

  • Claim file management and advice, including coverage opinions and acting as coverage and/or monitoring counsel to insurance companies or policy holders
  • Development of claims management framework and processes
  • Selection and management of Outside Service Providers
  • Building and implementing training processes

Policy Holders and Expert Advisors

  • Advice to policy holders which allows them to identify, clarify, and control their risks
  • Advise to companies and their boards in the context of events such as proxy battles, acquisitions, insolvencies, denials or significant reservations of rights of coverage taken by insurers in substantial claims against D&Os and their companies
  • Claim advocacy and management to ensure coverage response meets expectations and maximizes policy value
  • Scrutiny of an insurance program to ensure risk tolerance is reflected in risk transfer solution
  • Independent, focused support to brokers, lawyers, and other expert advisers to assist with insurance related needs


Expert Opinions, Testimony and Litigation Support

  • Provide expert reports/testimony in insurance disputes, including insurance policy interpretation, bad faith claims, insurance broker errors & omissions, insurer/broker disputes, policy holder/insurer disputes
  • Assist with insurance issues in the litigation environment- including communication between parties, negotiation, and alternative dispute resolution



Director/Officer/Trustee Indemnity & Policy Review

  • Review of corporate/contractual indemnities for directors/officers/ trustees
  • Audit of existing/proposed specialty insurance program
  • Analysis of scope of coverage
  • Identification of coverage gaps, deficiencies
  • Recommendations on potential improvements and additional coverages

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